My Travel Photos

Travel photos in folders in this section are from trips to USA 2013 and 2016, Colombia, Spain, Morocco, Blues Cruises 2013 to the Caribbean and 2018 down Baja Peninsula to Mexico, New York 2009, South America in 2007/2008.

Selection of these types of photos are at best subjective but I have tried studiously to cull down to pictures I hope may interest other people than simply myself. I looked for the weird, the emotive, the informative, the amusing and sometimes even the picturesque. As a portrait photographer in another life, people have always attracted me. Sometimes they define the country they live in, at least to some extent. At other times, they simply embody the joy or sorrow of the moment and it’s hard to place them specifically in any country. They are people of the world and it is some aspect of their personality that I’ve seen and am trying to capture not so much their relationships to the surrounds. Often it’s just about the face.

As to the musicians shown in these photo galleries, I’ve tried to include pictures that evoke some of the emotions players reflect when they’re in the zone or enjoying the rapport with an enraptured audience. Mostly the musicians shown in these photo galleries are from Blues Cruises 2013 and 2018, Austin City Limits 2013, Chicago Blues Festival and Chicago clubs in 2016 and in cities such as Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and New York.


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