The original songs in this collection span approximately 8 years of recording my music on both Zoom 4 and 8 track recorders. These songs, while far from perfect, represent a fraction of the main body of my music over this period.

Some videos of my original music are included along with a spoof cover of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Dead Flowers.’

I have tried resist the temptation to include songs that were not quite up to my own interpretation of a ‘high standard.’ Others will surely dispute that within the selection included. I will live with that as every person is entitled to their own opinion as I am to mine.

Click on any of the Players below to hear or download any of my tracks.

Let it Go - Acoustic

This song came about from reading a number of books about band-life on the road. Never having done this myself, I just tried to imagine one type of ‘on the road’ romance which must be fairly common for male musos.

Alone With The Devil

Sometimes it’s good to reflect on the dubious things you done in life and get right down into what I like to call ‘the Neil Young downer zone.’ I have, however, tried to put something positive into it inside the brief chorus.

Miss 40's Something

This is an old song, probably written 7 years ago. It chronicles a fleeting encounter with an immaculately dressed, elegant 40+ woman who eyeballed me as she walked across a parking lot with her nose at just the right height of disdain.

Crazy Moon

A song about an old girlfriend.

What else do you write about?

Movin' On

Another broken romance number written a couple of weeks before a visit to Nashville. To me it seemed only fitting to record a version in the small studio attached to the Ryman auditorium in the centre of Nashville. It was a one take effort on a steel stringed acoustic and for once I felt like I’d actually achieved something real in my life. The one track CD produced is a nice memento. This, though, is the original recording at my home previous to the Nashville trip.

Magdalena de Kino

This is the name of a street bordering the main square in Loreto, Baja California in Mexico. A charming coastal town where the locals hosted two bands from our Blues Cruise ship and many of the passengers in the main Plaza de Armas for an afternoon. Amazing food stalls, cold beer, top quality music and friendly locals made it so easy to write this up.

My Hometown

This old song, written about 5 years ago was a nod to the B & W movie ‘Nebraska’. I wrote the bulk of the lyrics and music but not without contributions from my friends Ross Francis and Dennis Wright. It was so easy to substitute Lennox Head into the frame.

Hot Dog Girl

A piece of pure fantasy. The inclusion of the old surfing term ‘Hot Dog’ has no sexual overtones as some thought. ‘Hot Dog’ was a term for fast, snappy manoeuvres on a surfboard and this girl had all of that.

Queen Bee Baby

As a naïve high school kid, I knew there was something dodgy about these girls leading their own little groups around the playground. It took a few conversations with my own daughters years later to find out exactly how they operated.

Dirty Money

All about banks and their greed at a time when they were screwing over so many Australians. It was the first R & R song I wrote that worked for me. The others were rubbish. Well worse than this let’s just say.



Nebraska Ole Boys - Dead Flowers



Nebraska Ole Boys - My Home Town

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